Axel Hesslenberg photography

Space to Breath

Eastbourne - March 2017

Eastbourne's Victorian Pier was badly damaged during a fire in 2014. The fire destroyed a central domed building functioning as an amusement arcade, which was constantly filled with the noise of the many machines it was home to.

Because of financial constraints, the amusement hall was not rebuilt. Instead, a new open and inviting space with wooden flooring emerged, giving Eastbourne residents and visitors the opportunity to stroll onto the pier, sit and chat like on a Mediterranean plaza.

The Pier is now owned by a well known local business man, Sheikh Abid Gulzar, who wants people to feel welcome. The open space with benches on each sides certainly enables that.

'A Space to Breath' observes the people who temporarily inhabit the open deck space. They would not be there if the space would not be there. Some alone in their own thoughts, some together with others, all walks of life, a peaceful congregation of everyone. While the fire was tragic, the restauration has created a space to breath.